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Superstall is riding the razor's edge for a pleasure! It's a challenging game, a game about risk and reward. The game's mechanics is amazingly simple; equipped with an aircraft, the player's objective is to fly very risky maneuvers while hitting items in the air getting rewards depending on the risk taken during said maneuvers. As better the player gets, as more heated and thrilling the gameplay becomes, because the game entices the player to fly more and more spectacular maneuvers to increase the player's rewards, while pushing the player closer and closer to the edge ... and beyond.



Target platform(s): TBA
Release: TBA  


Prototype Development

Under development.



More rewards can be gained for example by flying much more sophisticated maneuvers while additionally pushing the aircraft into a stall. During a stall an aircraft won't produce any lift and it's up to the player to catch the aircraft before hitting the ground losing all of its currently collected rewards upon crashing. But there comes a bonus along with it while successfully catching the aircraft in time. When hitting an item while the aircraft is stalling and while the aircraft is falling to the ground in a spectacular fashion, the item's reward gets multiplied by an incremental factor depending on the risk taken, if the aircraft can be caught in time -- landing a superstall! However, the rewards are all gone if the player hits the ground. To save rewards, the player can land the aircraft on an nearby airport delivering all the gained rewards adding them to a global reward pool necessary for getting into the next level or to enter an extra level. However, as longer the player stays out, as more the rewards gets multiplied upon delivery. But the player may go the risk of losing all of its currently collected rewards while staying out for too long. 

To make Superstall a very challenging game, and to give it a very natural feel of controlling an aircraft and its tumbling motion during said maneuvers, a custom build physics engine is being developed to allow the aircraft to perform such maneuvers under high loads, high angular rates, and critical stalling conditions, which requires a much more precise treatment of many physical components as is usually found in games. Very good dynamics and handling characteristics are a key factor for making Superstall fun to play. Considerable work is spend on the physics engine to make such a gamplay possible.

Superstall is envisioned being played from a third-person perspective on a limited playground.





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